Monday, June 20, 2011 – School – Education shade – the mirages of free school choice – the wind in the sails – past the terminals, there are no limits – The chestnut Bac Although this was not wanted, the interruption of a few days the was done at the time of one of the “peaks” of news for education.

Monday, June 20, 2011 – School – Education shade – the mirages of free school choice – the wind in the sails – past the terminals, there are no limits – The chestnut Bac Although this was not wanted, the interruption of a few days the was done at the time of one of the "peaks" of news for education. Indeed, if one schematically a little, there are two times when the press is interested in education: the return and tray … But often the subjects on the tray are not exciting and are a "chestnut" ie a recurring and predictable topic. It is then for journalists to vary the angles to be a little original and out of the eternal subject of "the youngest candidate" or the oldest or the subjects covered by the "people" … Many of our newspapers have engaged in the international comparison to evoke the way we pass the tray or its equivalent in many countries. Thus Liberation offers a tour in Spain, Tunisia or China. In a special report, we dwell on Tunisia to the Revolution hour. Note that the proposed subject of philosophy was "The rule of law it guarantees the right to citizenship?". Another angle: the prison tray. Journalist Ouest France said a cruel paradox: to pass the prison ferry, you must register in "independent candidate" … Further articles evoke the principal figures of the tray 2011. It is learned that the number of candidates is 654 458 (aged 12 to 71 years, when you said the same …). This figure increased by 6.28% compared to 2010. Much of the explanation lies in the increase of students of the vocational route. They were 131 582 to present the ferry in 2010. This year they are 171 702. Today, if 50% of applicants are enrolled in general baccalaureate, 24% are technologically tray and 26% in professional tray. In the Pedagogical Cafe, sociologist Vincent Troger explains the boom first pro tray with a cumulative effect. While the vocational baccalaureate was reformed to spend three years from 2008, the last sessions of the tray in 4 years that take place this year was the same time. But, says Troger, there is also a craze for vocational baccalaureate will be at the expense of technological tray. In the mass of articles on the tray, we not escape the eternal lamentations bit based on the "level down" diploma "given to everyone". In this regard, reading the Figaro is uneventful. As if in the collective imagination of the French, the evaluation was necessarily mean selection and that confused competitions and examination. As if there was a "real" bin would be the general baccalaureate (and for that matter the science graduate ..) and others who would be "in-tray" … It’s annoying, I would finally the resume this later … education shade in previous columns, I used the expression of "the anxiety of the market" in a report issued late May to the European Commission instead of talking education of the shadows "to refer to private tutoring. This study entitled "The challenge of education of the shadows. Private tutoring and its implications for policy makers in the EU "shows that France is the European champion of this practice (with 2.2 billion euros of turnover), the rapporteurs consider that it mainly benefits privileged students and she reinforces inequalities. For one of the authors’ private tutoring is not so much to offer support to students who really need help they can not find the school to maintain the competitive advantages of the privileged students who pass already . ". In Western Europe, it is mainly "competition imposed by society, the race for academic achievement" (hence my term market anxiety …) and "budget cuts" that explain the development of the phenomenon, then in the East is more "the decline in the purchasing power of teachers in the 1990s." We also recall that in France, this market is encouraged by tax deductions that have allowed private pharmacies to thrive. Let us try to go further in the analysis of the development of this market. If one posits that the school should be its own use while developing courses and private tutoring appears as a symptom of a failure of the school. And it draws hollow deficiencies of "school official". Perhaps would we to learn from what is put forward in terms of monitoring, individualization, skills assessment. In Le Monde, the word is given to teachers who work in these structures. While many emphasize the fact that the activity has become a significant addition to salary, they also insist that it is another form of relationship with students. More personalized and attentive. But do not idealize either, in many cases, stakeholders support of these private sessions are not really trained. There are many more students than graduate teachers say that those responsible for these pharmacies. the World also notes that in this very active market we see today agencies "low cost where quality is even less. This market will continue to thrive on anxiety as academic pressure will be greater. It will also develop if we do not offer alternatives within the school but also in complementary associations to offer more customization and a more appropriate response to the difficulties of students. It is a real democratic challenge mirages of free school choice Another area where we wanted to introduce "market" is that of Nicolas Sarkozy school board had made a campaign promise: easing the school board or the possibility for families to overcome the segmentation, should "be a measure of social justice, allowing brilliant scholarship students to integrate a good property. ". A Humanity’s file returns on this issue based on an unpublished study by sociologist Choukri Ben Ayed on the school map to be published in September in the French Review of Education. The balance of the relaxation of the segmentation is done through the analysis of results at GCSE of thousands of students who went, in the sixth, in an institution outside or private sector. Conclusion: this "student mobility" has not been a guarantee of success. Quite the contrary. A student who has changed once school will, on average, one point less in the tests of math-French patent colleges. And even if he has had several establishments. "The assumption that mobility would be more beneficial to academically stability weakened spring," concludes Choukri Ben Ayed. "The college sector better protects the sustained mobility, says the researcher. While migrating to another establishment is accompanied not only not a recovery in earnings, but even aggravates the situation of students in popular circles as leading to more numerous evictions. "Ultimately, disadvantaged children remained in the college sector are those that outperform the patent against those who tried their luck elsewhere. For him, the developers of "free choice" of school are wrong, in fact, too underestimate certain consequences of educational mobility. Such as longer transport time, which tired students and complicates the parent-teacher meetings, or to the child, the destabilization linked to the loss of his network of friends coasted primary. Wind in the sails According to Le Figaro, Prime Minister opposes the Minister of Education that "wishes that parents supervise visits to museums or camps organized by public schools are subject to the rules of neutrality, as officials ". We remember, Luc Chatel "announced Le Figaro that he was preparing a circular to clarify the situation. But since then, the writing is suspended.". For Francois Fillon, the Prime Minister is opposed. "It would be very painful for children to see their mothers apart outputs". The newspaper reminds that in 2004, Francois Fillon, then Minister of Education, "had denied that the law that prohibits the wearing of conspicuous religious attire in public school students be applied to parents who were involved in the school" . In addition, there are uncertainties about the legal reality of the status of "temporary employees" invoked by Chatel. There is a certainty in any case, is that the debate is far from over in times of stigma and escalation as we’ll see with the next topic … Past the terminal, there is more limits … "If we remove statistical children from immigrant families, our results are not so bad, not so different from those of European countries. We have many children in immigration and must recognize our difficulties in integrating. Let’s start with combat illiteracy of their parents … ". Who is the author of that quote? Claude Gueant? Marine Le Pen ? No, but it could have been the right answer. In fact, these are about the Rector of Orleans Tours statements in an article in the New Republic published June 17 last face of such ignorance of statistics unworthy of a university (specialist in artificial intelligence …) and especially that confines the poor the most servile faith, what to do? Remember that social background, children of foreigners as successful in school than young French, explains sociologist and demographer Jean-Luc Richard in the Nouvel Obs? Unfortunately, there are not so deaf as those who will not hear … As one true scientist Albert Einstein "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. But, regarding the Universe, I have not yet acquired absolute certainty. " Good reading… ——————————————– – Liberation.fr of 20/06/11 (some paid items) Bac philo: orphans, more than 3,000 copies hold forth in the empty What had to happen happened. For years, the situation is critical: philosophy professors are few and all the bac candidates passed the test of philosophy, we shall, on each checker, a considerable number of copies compared to teachers of other subjects. faculty positions reduction policy (there are for example thirty less in the Academy of Creteil) and the non-replacement of retired professors parties could hardly leave hope for an improvement. Read more article: Rector stigmatizes immigrants son Reynier The words that Mary, the new rector of the academy Orleans-Tours has entrusted Friday at the New Republic, have caused this weekend many reactions Read following Article learning, a classy sector It is attracting more and more students. But schools and universities are concerned about the funding, while the government still wants more apprentices. Investigation. Read more of the article German exemplary In Germany, the system works. Less than 10% of 16-25 year olds are unemployed. Read more of the article "A very rewarding experience on the resume" Student, university president, Minister … All agree to promote the merits of learning. Read more of the article Summer Food rich in jobs, altruistic, initiation or mandatory, types of internships and odd jobs to do during the holidays. Read more of the article Schoolchildren also spend philosophy bin Thursday philo workshop in primary school Langevin Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis). Children working on a topic Tray: "Feeling the injustice he tells me what is right?» Read more of the article Is a philosophy dissertation unique? by Robert Maggiori We asked our house philosopher pondering on five subjects fell yesterday tray. But do not panic, treatment possibilities are endless … Read More Article Young Tunisians spend the "tray of the revolution" Five months after the fall of Ben Ali, the organization of events is a challenge and a test for Tunisians, who attach great importance to education. Read more of the article Candidates of all countries, how do you planchez? Bac revolution crisis bin, competition, social cleaver: that represents the final examination of high school in other countries? Visit Spain, Tunisia or China. Read more of the article In Seine-et-Marne, the tray in first class Read more of the article The new weight of the vocational track reform vocational baccalaureate, which is now prepared in three years instead of four has led to a proliferation of candidates this year. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 20/06/11 No ban on veiled mothers Luc Chatel wants to outlaw the wearing of the veil by the mothers of pupils during school outings, but Matignon delaying the decision. Read more of the article How to "make" the notes baccalaureate commissions that guarantee harmony between correctors exclusively propose corrections to the upside. Read more of the article records success rate for overseas tray Approximately 12,500 high school seniors pass the tray outside France and French overseas territories, in nearly 90 different countries. Read More Article 654 548 students present the tray The 2011 session was marked by a rise in the number of candidates with the vocational stream. Read more of the article topics commented by philo personalities Le Figaro asked figures from the world of literature, science, religion or politics to respond to philosophy topics of the tray. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the Monde.fr (some paid items) of tray 20/06/11 it still serves any purpose? The 2011 tank started with the test of philosophy. And wait as usual acerbic comments on his worthlessness. Everyone would have it, it would be too easy … and figure out what over 80% of successful candidates often confusing with the 80% of young people in tray, the goal in 1985 of the Minister of Education at the time, Jean-Pierre Chevenement. Read more of the article "Profs" tutoring testify A study by the European Commission published on 30 May, the paid tutoring, became a "European phenomenon" in France seems to have found a chosen land. "The tutoring industry is growing at the rate of 10% per year," said Mark Bray, the author of the report, director of the Education Research Center compared the University of Hong Kong (CERC). Read more of the article soon taught philosophy in the second in 297 schools While school seniors are preparing to floor on the test philosophy baccalaureate, it will soon be possible for some s’ initiate in the use of concepts "from the class of first or even second," according to information obtained by Le Figaro from the Ministry of education. Read more of the article The "low cost" is entering the market for private lesson Portailprof, Profexpress, Teacheo.com, Directprof, Learnisys, Educastream …, companies are likely to bet on tutoring line. Operation is simple: two connected computers, two webcams, headphones with microphone, Skype or MSN (the most used instant messaging), and the lesson begins. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 20/06/11 school failure and immigration: immigration Rector drives the nail and academic failure, after Claude Gueant last month, it was Marie Reynier, the new rector of the academy of Orleans-Tours who has drawn the ire after explaining in an interview, the poor performance of its academy by the presence of children "immigrant". Read more of the article Claude Gueant chats on school failure … Contrary to the allegations of the Interior Minister, studies show that children from immigrant families are not predisposed to school failure. Quite the contrary. Read more of the article Eric Fassin "They have given up the euphemism" For the sociologist Eric Fassin ENS, aiming for legal immigration, Claude Gueant renounces euphemisms and validates the establishment of a Le Pen policy. Read more of the article A school’s philosophy Editorial By John Paul Pierot philosophize! It is through this prompt that begins in France baccalaureate exams. A good tradition indeed, and both a national peculiarity inherited from the Enlightenment and the Revolution. Some may be the agonizing minutes before the distribution of subjects, it is the honor of the French teachers and prepare students to think for themselves. Designing for action, consider everything in its contradictions, refusing ready-to-think: these are not the core supplements in a world where prevailing market competition, but the means to transform, to emancipate. Read more of the article Parents, beware the mirage of "free choice" school! In deciding to ease the school map, Nicolas Sarkozy hoped to attract parents. An unpublished survey sociologist Choukri Ben Ayed nevertheless demonstrates that the exemptions do not improve academic performance, quite the contrary. Especially for students in popular circles. Read more of the article Testimony "The pressure of the teachers and the level of other complexed me" Lucile and Cecile left their area high school for a facility next to downtown. A shocking experience for both, who have managed otherwise. Testimonials. Read more of the article outrageous the Orleans-Tours Rector on children from immigrant! (PCF) In an article in the New Republic published today, about the causes of learning difficulties at the end of primary school, Madam Rector Orleans-Tours says: "If we remove statistical children from the immigration, our results are not so bad, not so different from those of European countries. We have many children in immigration and must recognize our difficulties in integrating. Read more of the article Four years later, competition creates disasters No study has been conducted by the State on the easing of the school board. In Avignon and elsewhere, it is unfortunately rampant. Read more of the article School mapping. "It benefits only better informed" Marc Ouvrard, retired headmaster of a comprehensive school of Champagne-Ardenne. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 20/06/11 the words of Rector of the "children of immigrant" are controversial Less than a month after the release of Claude Gueant, ensuring that "two thirds of school failure is the failure of immigrant children", the rector of the academy of Orleans-Tours, freshly named, is controversial in turn. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— France Soir 20/06/11 Nothing seen … —————————- ——————– the Cross of Nothing seen … 20/06/11 —————– ——————————- echoes (some paid items) of 20/06/11, France, support of the champion private school, factor of inequality private tutoring, of which France is the European champion, is booming and "risk maintain and exacerbate inequalities, if left to market forces," that which is largely the case today, warns a report issued late May to the European Commission. Read more of the article Sarkozy in Lozere on the subject of school, with proposals to Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday will make key trip to La Canourgue (Lozere) on the themes of the reform of the elementary school and the basic knowledge, in which he could make proposals for the primary. Read more of the article Controversy on immigration at the Academy of Orleans-Tour The rector of the Academy of Orleans-Tours, criticized for having pointed the educational outcomes of children of immigrants during interviews, said she was "shocked" to see Monday his remarks out of context as part of a "biased misinformation." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from the 20/06/11 global university rankings have "many flaws" global university rankings have "many flaws, biases and imperfections," including being too focused on research detriment of other missions, according to a report by the European university Association (EUA) which has just been put online. Read more of the article tray: The Terminals are working on the first Monday French Students also … Read More Article —————— —————————— 20/06/11 Rue89 the Recruitment of teachers: she has dreams, he of ambition the Ministry of Education, "first employer in France", is recruiting 17,000 people "in a context where all its business evolves in depth." He launched a campaign to all students who are thinking about their professional future. This is "to attract the best talents to the most noble mission: to ensure the success of every student." Read more of the article Martha, special teacher in Athens for € 900 undeclared Martha, 29, has agreed to disclose its accounts Eco89. But without pictures, for fear of being denounced to the Greek tax authorities. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 20/06/11 "If I have the tray, I hope out of jail" to pass the tray, Fabrice, 19, was registered as an independent candidate. Well, not quite … Imprisoned in Argentan detention center, he shares his thoughts, doubts and hopes. Read more of the article The town that cultivates organic for children Close to Cannes, Mouans-Sartoux purchased land and hired a farmer to produce vegetables served in their school cafeterias. certified organic crops. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 20/06/11 school failure: a rector is controversial Rector of the academy Orleans-Tours, Marie Reynier has created controversy this weekend by holding, in an interview with the local press that the poor academic performance of the Center region were attributable to "children from immigrant." Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur 20/06/11 permanent open letter Luc Ferry, about the image of the university in the media to Virginia Spies, lecturer, defense Luc Ferry – who continued to touch her teacher’s salary so that he gave no courses – is dramatic for the image of the university. Read more from the article "Children of immigrants? As good as the others!" A social background, children of foreigners as successful in school than young French said sociologist and demographer Jean-Luc Richard. Read more of the article —————————————- Express Sarkozy 20/06/11 .fr on the benches of the school in Lozere the President, accompanied by Education Minister Luc Chatel, may make proposals for the primary. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Pedagogical Cafe 20/06/11 How to explain the boom of pro bin? Will we break the ceiling of 66% of a generation received bin? After 15 years of near stability, the wave of the graduates could again rise and perhaps exceed 70% of a generation. Officials: professional bachelors. An abrupt increase, comparable to the early 1990s, manifested this year. They were 131 582 to present the ferry in 2010. This year they are 171 702. How do you explain this phenomenon? Vincent Troger, who published a few weeks ago a professional graduates survey, shows the challenges of this phenomenon. Read more of the article when the rector was loose "The new rector has ideas to advance the academy, methods to achieve this and no jargon to know," writes (in the second degree?) The new Republic on 17 June. With The Berry, N.R. realizes an interview with Marie Reynier, the new rector of the Academy of Orleans Tours. Ideas and methods that elicit strong reactions. Judge in. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Touteduc (fee) of 20/06/11 juvenile justice: very concerned organizations before the vote of the national Assembly many associations and unions, the judiciary, lawyers and PJJ (protection youth minors) calling for a rally on June 23 in an attempt to influence the voting by members of the bill reforming the juvenile justice system. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 20/06/11 "tray": a persistent fiction and bleak realities If one refers to the origins of undergraduate and historical homework writer
developments that took place over two centuries, that remains -t it beyond a ” name ” common? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Slate.fr of 20/06/11 Nothing seen … ——————————— ————- EducPros 20/06/11 the Rector of the Orleans-Tours believes that students from immigrant families are driving down the statistics of his academy After Claude Gueant last month it is the turn of the Rector of Orleans-Tours to say that there is a link between poor school performance and students from immigrant. Read more of the article Equal opportunities: everything is played in the nursery and kindergarten! While their comrades planchaient on nuclear and nanotechnology, Gilles Tauzin (ENS Ulm) and Valerian Pham Ngoc (X), two engineers of the Corps des Mines 25 and 26 years, wrote a research paper on equal opportunities in higher education. Developed during their final year of study from lectures, interviews and field trips, work, carried out under the direction of Christian Forestier, should be published by the Presses Mines. It proposes to focus policies on the nursery and kindergarten. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- 20/06/11 VousNousIls the Herault: the assaulted schoolgirl died from his injuries a young girl of 13 years died of his injuries Monday afternoon after having been struck before his college Florensac (Herault), around 12.30, by a teenager of fifteen years, did we learn from the floor of Beziers. Read more of the article Sarkozy in Lozere on the subject of school, with proposals to Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday will make key trip to La Canourgue (Lozere) on the themes of the reform of the elementary school and the basic knowledge, in which he could make proposals for the primary. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Democracy needs of the press. The press needs readers to live … Read and buy newspapers! Posted by Watrelot on Monday, June 20, 2011

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