the Terrace:

Our roof terrace enjoys optimal sunshine, beds are available to relax. Armchairs are also at your disposal, so you can get some air on our terrace.

The gym :

Our very bright gym allows you to train on various "Technogym" devices.

The labyrinth :

Our large labyrinth also includes a cage, a confessional, Glory holes; all in a dark atmosphere.

Orgy rooms:

Our 2 orgy rooms are equipped with XL beds with mirrors and circulation spaces around to promote group discussions

The exib cabin:

Our exib room is 50% glazed and also equipped with a glory holes, with direct access to the staircase and a view of an orgy booth. This cabin allows you to see and be seen.

The cabins :

We have 25 cabins at your disposal, all equipped with mattresses, hand towels and bins.

The sling:

Our leather sling is installed in a private and spacious cabin; allows amateurs to spend a moment with 2 or in groups.

The gynecologist chair:

Our real gynecologist chair allows the "fisting" enthusiast to indulge in their activity in a dedicated and private space.

The St. Andrew’s Cross:

Our St.Andrew’s cross, gives access to beginners or initiates of BDSM has a specialized and private cabin.

XL Cabins:

Our XL cabins are more spacious, can accommodate up to 8 people, to isolate yourself in a small group.

The video :

Our video room consists of a mattress area and a standing area; to play while watching the best movies.

The Glory holes area:

Our Glory Holes room is a course of multiple alcoves allowing you to play in a subdued atmosphere.

The reception :

Our reception where our multilingual staff welcome you.

The sexshop:

Our sexshop allows you to buy different toys, dildos, lubricating gels, cock rings, etc. On the other hand, you will find a wide choice of swimwear.

The bar:

Our complete bar offers a wide choice of fresh fruit juices, sodas, cocktails, international spirits, selected wines and Belgian beers. On the other hand, for small appetites we offer some snacks and sandwiches.

The lounge:

Our vast lounge with large sofas and individual armchairs; allows you to rest near the bar or near the spa area.

The smokehouse:

Our indoor smoking room is very spacious, it is located directly next to the bar. There is also an outdoor area on the ground floor for smokers.

Jacuzzi XL:

Jacuzzi is open.


Our large Hammam, in a warm atmosphere (38 ° C), enjoy these detours in the twilight. This humid heat is enhanced with essential oils.

Finnish sauna:

Our Finnish sauna is very largely glazed and has a drip diffuser of essential oils. Our spacious sauna offers a temperature of around 70 ° C and spaces at different levels. After a session in the sauna, a cold shower is at your disposal to refresh you

Shared showers:

Our spa area has shared shower areas

Anal showers:

Our spa area has 2 private anal shower cabins, with virucide gel available.